The 1st Hunger Games

The TributesEdit

District 1Edit

Diamond Hyghi Kills:5: Lacreshe, Liya, Grevill, Sumner, Annisa

Shiny Erty Kills:2: Darwin, Lillian

District 2Edit

Chirs Gild Kills:2: Daltin, Flaminal

Tyria Uiop Kills:2: Upwood, Aiuna

District 3Edit

Ethan Tyios Kills:1: Rajiv

Lillian Borr 16th Kills:1: Arden

District 4Edit

Marha Iyuis Kills:2: Magail, Ethan

Adesina Ghia Kills:1: Ilene

District 5Edit

Derrik Erituy

Aggie Aerit

District 6Edit

Darwin Whiyt 20th

Ilene Riylre 19th

District 7Edit

Rajiv Igght 10th

Auina Tyia 12th

District 8Edit

Sumner Plok 13th

Flaminai Doxy 14th

District 9Edit

Grevill Xerses 15th

Annisa Brodly 11th

District 10Edit

Daltin Amin 21st

Magali Hix 20th

District 11Edit

Upwood Eiu 22nd

Liya Latrice 23rd

District 12Edit

Arden O'keef 17th

Lacreshe Tessa 24th

The GamesEdit

DAY 1Edit

Lacreshe's POV: I have 60 second before a gong sound and the Hunger Games begin. I see multiple Valueble Idems In front of me that would be worth lot's in District 12. I see that the Tribute to my right is from District 1. I think I'm doomed. The gong rings and almost instantly the boy from District 1 snaps my neck and every thing blackens

Diamond's POV: I can't beleve i made the first kill ever in the Hunger Games. No time to admire what I've done though, Because that District 11 girl is trying to kill me.

Liya POV: I run for the boy from District 1, then he runs and grabs a knife then throws twrod me as it perices thought my body.

Diamond's POV:"Killed aother" I say somewhat lower then normal.

Tyria's POV: I run for a sword, grab it and stab the boy form district 11, and begin to tourching him.

Upwood's POV: I screem as the girl from District 2 stabs my leg. She takes her sword and stabs my other leg. I think she is torchering me but I pass out before I can tell

Arden's POV: I climb up a tree to get a better view of the arena. I see mostly woods but when I look at the rest of the arena I see plains and a mountain in the distance. I start to run, barly dogdeing the knife that is throwen at me.

Chirs's POV: Shoot! I missed him, but, I manged to hit the boy from District 10.

Daltin's POV: I run after the boy from District 12 but a knife stabs in my head and I fall to the ground.

Marha POV: I've grabed a bow and some arrow and fire at the girl from District 10. The girl from District 1 asks "Can I have ago?"

Shiny's POV: "Can I have ago" I ask Marha. He replies with a queit "Sure".

Darwin's POV: I grab a throwing knife, then look to check my surroundings. Then I see an arrow headed for me and know it's over.

Adesina's POV: I grab a speer and hit the girl from district 6's legs, triping her

Ilene's POV: Ow! I fall flat on the ground. I hear the girl from 4 say "Time to-" but then everything blackens.

Lillan's POV: I grab a knife and run after the boy from 12. I'm suprisingly faster than him and catch up to him in no time. I throw my knife into the back of his head

Arden's POV: I fall down, and scream loudly and hope some one will here me, as everything goes black

Lillan's POV: That idoit! he reveled my loction. I see the two from 9 come then the two from 1. I run but I'm killed before I can get 100 yards

Shiny's POV: Yes I got her!

Diamonds's POV: I throw my spear at the boy from 9 and get him. Shiny rasies her bow but I say "Don't worrie she'll die eventuale"

Shiny's POV: I guess he's right. I go retrive my arrow form the body

Grevill's POV: 1 doesn't know I'm dead, but when he takes the spear out, everything goes black

Flaminai's POV: I fight with 7's girl, it's fist fighting thow so know we won't die yet.

Auina's POV: The boy from 2 come and smashes into the girl form 8. He starts to kill her, and I run

Sumner's POV: I see Flaminal on the ground and kneel next to her. "no" I wisper. Then I relised the the boy from one is over me and he inserts a spear in my head.

Adesina's POV: I look Around and all thats left is us from 1,2 and 4

Diamond's POV: "well we should clear out, Captiol is going to want to get the bodies."

Shiny's POV: "ok we'll go" The cannons start to fire: 1,2,3, and all the way to 12. 12 deaths 11 to kill.

Annisa's POV: Well I Barly escaped death. It starts to be come night. I see the captiol seal in the sky, I see the pictures in the sky: Girl form 3, both form 6, both form 8, my district partner, Grevill, form 9, and both from 10,11, and 12.

Day 2Edit

Auina's POV: I see the careers all sleeping with the girl from 4 guarding there supplies. She has fallen a sleep to. I decied to go to get some stuff from the pile. Then a snare traps me and hangs me from my foot. How ever they didn't set it up very well as i can grab a knife form the pile and saw my self out.

Tyria's POV: I awake in the middle of the night I Diecied to check on the snares "Well what do we have here" I say. "You F***er let me go" She screems at me spiting in my face. "ugh let's just get this over with." I rip the knife from her hand an burrie it in her chest. Her canon goes off. It doesn't seam to bother my group. I carrie her body over to the forest and the hover craft comes to gets her body.

Annisa's POV: So they have snares set up around there suplise. She took the other snare down so i can go get some.

Diamond's POV: I see some rusling in a tree I throw my spear at the tree and a girl falls out. I pick her up and snap her neck and her canon goes off.

Shiny's POV: "Nice Job" I say to my district partener. He smiles a bit, but it qiuckly disppers and he goes back to sleep. "I'll Guard" I say. Everyone agress and falls asleep. The rest of the night is boring thoght

Day 3Edit

Adesina's POV: When I wake up I ask my district partner, Marha, If he want to hunt for some tributes today he say yes, but when the sun comes up

Marha's POV: When I awake again Adensina says "get up sleepy head" in and oddly cheerful way. I get up and we walk to find some tuributes to kill. We walk for a bit then she grabs my hand. We walk like this for awile and she starts to get closer to me. I feel a bit embarresed to be like this considering the whole nation is watching

Adesina's POV: It Becomes after noon and Marha Say we should turn back. I say ok and we being to walk back

Shiny's POV: Things are getting boring here and I don't think things are intresting is happening with Adesina and Marha. but no canons have fired yet so...

Marha's POV: By the time we get back it's night and colder than before so we set up our tents.

Day 4Edit

Rajiv's POV: It's so cold out here. I think the gamemakers are playing with the contorls because it was warm this morning. When I fall asleep i fear that I'll never awake again...

Ethan's POV: It's cold out and I have a sleeping bag because the guy up in the tree fell out and i killed him by stomping on his neck

Aggie's POV: When I wake up I feel the warn sun beating against my cold skin. I think it must be afternoon but it's only morning and I wonder how hot it will be in the morning. But thats not what I should be worring about because I'm out of food! I wonder wear I'II get it. I think the tributes from 1,2,and 4 may have some but that would be to risky! I think I should go look for some when I see some one sleeping on the ground and I hide in a tree. It's the boy from District 3. I consider allying with him but that doesn't seam like an option this late in the games. I could kill him but I don't have any wepons. I see him pull out some food and my mouth waters so much!

Derrik's POV: It's very warm and it fells like a summer day even thought it's very warm for morning there isn't much do do but eat th rest of my food

Diamond's POV: There isn't much to do for us so we stay in our tents for the rest of the day and do nothing

Day 5Edit

Diamond's POV: It's warm out and with the jackets we are wearing it's even warmer so we take them off.

Marha's POV: I leave our camp to look for some tributes and i see some one passed out on the ground sweting like crazy. I take the bow and shoot him with it and the cannon goes of

Adesina's POV: Boom! A cannon goes off I look beside me and Marha isn't here it scary me until he return near the night and I say "You scared the crap out of me!"

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